At Sole Case, we believe in being a trusted brand that creates elegant products while inspiring positivity in others.



Our mission is to be the leading provider of premium footwear displays and create a brand that positively contributes to fashion and society as a whole. 



    Sole Case is a line of premium display cases. Our modern and luxuriously designed products provide a valuable resource for the storage and display of ALL SORTS of footwear.  


    • Dimensions:
    SOLE CASE OG (37.5 X 26 X 18 cm)
    SOLE CASE HT (37.5 X 26 X 24 cm)
    • Fits most sneakers up to a size 14 US. 
    • Fully stackable.
      • 4 holes on top perfectly aligned w/ 4 studs on the bottom
      • Our stud-and-hole coupling system creates an interlocking fit between our cases without the need of additional fasteners.


    Charles Rind is the Founder  and CEO of Sole Case, A graduate in entrepreneurship at the University of Utah's David Eccles School of Business. Rind immersed himself in the “sneakerhead” community at a young age, He quickly realized that himself as well as others in the community were frustrated by the lack of high quality storage solutions for the fashion forward consumer. The companies that were attempting to tackle this problem, left quite a void, in which the essence of luxury was lost when storing these shoes, thus, Rind seized the opportunity to fill this void; and the Sole Case was born! 

    Nat Tran Lam, is the Chief Financial officer at Sole Case, in addition to work, she is currently a Finance Major at the University of Utah in her junior year, in her downtime she enjoys the company of her friends and family. Her favorite shoes to wear are her Adidias ultra boosts.


    Alexis Ramos is the Director of Marketing at Sole Case, a former model, who is currently Studying Business at Salt Lake community College, and transferring to the University of Utah to double major in Atmospheric Science with a minor in environmental engineering, and Business management with a minor in Entrepreneurship. In her down time she enjoys spending time with friends and family.



    Our Offices are located at the Lassonde Institute at the University of Utah.